3099 Tall Timbers
Milford, MI 48380
Phone: (248) 676-9797
Fax: (248) 676-9796
E-Mail: info@tectivity.com

Tectivity is a Sales Representative and Distributor of computer imaging components 
including hardware, software, and engineering services.



Ganz/CBC America

Ganz / CBC America has an array of Monochrome and color CS mount cameras, as well as OEM board camera modules. They also supply Monitors, VCRs, and signal multiplexers.

JAI Video Products

A wide variety of progressive scanning CCD and CMOS cameras (B&W, color, megapixel, 2/3/4 sensors, intensified, area and line scan). All cameras are made-to-order allowing unlimited configuration options. 3-year Warranty.


A wide variety of progressive scanning CMOS cameras (B&W, color, megapixel, area and line scan).


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