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Tectivity is a Sales Representative and Distributor of computer imaging components 
including hardware, software, and engineering services.

Tectivity introduces VideoModule MORE INFO

Tectivity's VIDEOMODULE© Image of Video Module is our response to the customer's voice for this essential peripheral for vision systems on the shop floor.  This third generation ruggedized enclosure system is compact and low mass, well suited also for robot applications.

Test A selection of standard VIDEOMODULEs and the LEDMODULE© (bottom of view)  enable tamper-resistant and sealed environments for the camera, the optics, lighting and other options.
VM-Size-Linup   VIDEOMODULEs accommodate a spectrum of lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 3mm to  300mm.
Big and Small Lenses Tectivity's LED RingLight options for VIDEOMODULEs offer solutions for both small and large/far away FOV applications.
Light Image   Tectivity's RingLights  can be configured to suit most lens focal lengths.  LEDMODULEs  enable also off-axis illumination, and are configurable to suit the lens.  These LED lights are suitable for standoffs from inches to meters.

OK VM(RL&SL lites)--350H.jpg Tectivity lights use Advanced illumination's proven Evenlite technology.  Though 660nm red illuminators with bandpass filters are common for machine vision applications, other LED colors and programmable RGB light heads are also available.
The VIDEOMODULE was designed for seamless mating with popular smart sensors as well as traditional machine vision cameras, B&W and color. 

OK VM(& Cables)--350H.jpg
OK VM(CameraGroup)--350H.jpg For quick-connect  considerations for installation or service replacement, the VIDEOMODULE provides flexibility for most connector configurations.  When camera cabling or the application require a grommet (left side) up to three cables can be installed, plus a sealed connector to power the optional illuminator.

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